Plant and Processing

Gore’s Meats

Gore’s Meats is a federally inspected processing facility located only half a mile from where our cattle are fed! The USDA Food Safety Inspection Service conducts carcass-by-carcass inspection and verifies that the establishment follows all food safety and humane handling regulations.

Hanging Weight

Hanging weight is the weight of the carcass after the head, hide, and internal organs have been removed. The hanging weight is approximately 62% of the live animal’s weight. For example, if an animal weighs 1,375 pounds its hanging weight will be around 852 pounds.

Dry Aged Beef

After the beef is harvested it goes through a dry aging process. The carcass is hung in a cold, airy environment for around 2-3 weeks. This controlled environment activates enzymes which intensifies the meats natural flavors and texture.

Tips on storage and handling beef

Expected Shelf Life

The USDA recommends eating frozen roasts and steaks within 6-12 months and ground burger within 3-4 months. These storage times are only for best quality. Frozen foods are safe to eat well beyond the recommended time frame as long as the meat is vacuum sealed properly.

Freezer Space

One cubic foot of freezer space will hold 35-40 pounds of meat. A quarter of beef will fit in a 6-7 cubic foot freezer, half a beef will fit in a 8 cubic foot freezer, and a whole beef will fit in a 17-21 cubic foot freezer.

Why the Color Change?

You may notice a slight color change in your meat once thawed and opened. This has no effect on meat safety or palatability. Vacuum sealed beef often displays a darker, more purple appearance due to the lack of oxygen. The meat will turn more cherry red once the package is opened and exposed to oxygen.

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