From Our Pasture to Your Plate

All Natural Angus Beef

Edinburg, Virginia

Ready to Fill The Freezer?

Kibler Farms has been operating since 1997 in Shenandoah Valley, Virginia. We raise all natural cattle that have never been given antibiotics or added hormones.


Home to Healthy Cattle and Marbled Steaks



Set your taste buds on a meal to remember. We take pride in delivering a consistent high-quality product. Our tender beef is full of flavor and juiciness; surely you will have that “melt in your mouth” experience.



Did you know cattle are essential upcyclers in our food system? They can help eliminate food waste by upcycling products that would otherwise end up in the land fill. We feed our cattle discarded produce from grocery stores across the state of Virginia. They are able to convert the fruits and vegetables into high quality protein and essential nutrients. Not only does this have a positive effect on the environment by reducing food waste, but our cattle love it! 



Our cattle spend a majority of their life eating grass. However, the last 200 days before harvest we transition them onto a balanced, grain concentrated diet. The feed ration consists of corn silage, high moisture corn, forage, distillers, and produce. Ultimately, feeding a grain concentrated diet enables the animal to be harvested with a higher percentage of marbling more efficiently.


Animal Welfare

Animal welfare is a top priority here at Kibler Farms. Each animal is evaluated on a daily basis to ensure health, a comfortable living environment, and 24/7 access to feed and water. Performing a daily animal welfare check allows the cattle to grow in a low-stress environment.